Thursday, 30 July 2015

Just So Festival (family fun and some singing around the campfire)

August 21-23, Rode Hall Estate Cheshire

We will be playing at this years 'Just So' festival. It's going to be a really fun set as we will be playing totally acoustic by the campfire on Saturday night. We will be playing an extended set with some new arrangements, extra instrumentation, a bit of a sing along and a few surprises.

Just So is a fantastic family festival that creates magical spaces, adventures and events for children of all ages and if you book tickets to see the truth you can also catch Anna and Gareth performing in two other shows at the festival. You can see them both in 'The Fabularium' and Gareth is also performing in 'Flying the Nest' (he's a busy boy)

If you are going to be at Just So, drop by the campfire on Saturday night at 7.30pm and join us for a few songs...

The Fabularium

Flying the Nest

Butefest 2015

The main stage at Butefest

On July 17th at 5.00am Anna, Jan and I travelled up to play at the first ever Butefest on the lovely Island of Bute near Glasgow. Sadly Gareth couldn't be with us which was very sad but we tried to make the best of it :O(.

The day started pretty well but the weather got worse the further north we ravelled and we had some terrible weather on the first night on site. It was so bad that Stornoway to cancel their set and one of the stages needed some re-roofing the following morning. Saturday dawned, tea was drunk, we surveyed the damage and prepared to play our set.

The festival site opened a little late to allow for things to be fixed and made safe and so at around 1.40pm (only ten minutes later than schedule) we took to the stage. We followed Chris Carter on the main stage. the sound crew and P.A were fantastic. The site itself was still pretty empty when we started, however, I'm pleased to say that as we played we drew more and more people ending up with a  crowd as big as the one Merry Hell drew. The crowd were great and even very graciously joined us on 'Caladonia'. We finished the set with Luca and Mena providing extra backing vocals on a rousing version of Sister Albion that even the loss of a string couldn't dampen.

We had a great time and Butefest, we met some great people and i'm absolutely sure it's an event none of us will ever forget. Here's to Butefest 2016!